Making Your Home Appeal to Young Buyers

your-home-and-young-buyersOne of the most exciting times in life occurs when it is time to leave your first house and invest in more space for your family. If you are upgrading to a bigger, better house and are looking for the best ways to market your current home to young families, I have some tips for you based on my experience in the mortgage lending industry:

Consider Making a Few Technical Upgrades

6808_9020760441The younger generation is used to utilizing high-tech devices every day. In order to appeal to young buyers, you may want to consider making a few simple technical upgrades like a keyless entry system or a home energy monitor to track energy use for the environmentally conscious.

Stick to a Light, Modern Style

decorpad1-450x374Lots of natural light and modern simplicity is what’s going to appeal most to young home buyers. Neutral wall colors like a warm gray allow potential buyers to envision bringing in their own furniture without worrying about clashing with the walls. Also be sure to keep it light, use the brightest bulbs you can in fixtures and remove heavy window treatments to allow as much light in as possible.

Make Sure It’s Move-In Ready or Offer Ideas for Expansion or Renovations

If the buyer you are attracting has a young family, they likely will not have time to purchase a “fixer-upper” and will want a house that is move-in ready. Try to make sure that there’s no unfinished projects or red flags in your home for this type of buyer.

home-showing-tips-real-estate-summer-homebuying-seasonFor a young buyer who has time to work on the house, try to come up with ideas for expansion or renovation. Your realtor can probably get a ballpark estimate of the cost of these projects to help the home appeal to a wider audience of young buyers. According to this article from Business Insider, “Younger buyers don’t always realize that everything they see can be changed with a renovation. If they like the home based on the location, the schools, and the general style, they can be persuaded to buy if they can see the possibilities that come with a renovation.”

Contact me today for your mortgage needs!

When you find the perfect young buyer for your home, be sure to contact me about prequalifying for a new mortgage or any home-financing needs for your new, upgraded home!


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